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[audio]Fusion Patrol - 138 - The Prisoner - Dance Of The Dead - Lone Locust Productions
The Prisoner hatches a plan to escape the Village, but will he end up dead?Simon and Eugene review the Dance of the Dead.
Keywords: podcast; prisoner; the prisoner
[audio]IUMA: Prisoner3
Just a bunch of nonsense meshed into a song... all instrumental melodic music. I've been playing guitar for about 9 years now and started using a program to go along with it. New sound, same old style.
Keywords: Prisoner3
Downloads: 9
[audio]Fusion Patrol 117 – The Prisoner – The Chimes Of Big Ben - Lone Locust Productions
This episode, Eugene and Simon return to their look at the 1960′s classic, the Prisoner.This time, the prisoner concocts an elaborate plan to escape the Village.  Can he and another female prisoner succeed in their plan to hear the chimes of Big Ben?
Keywords: podcast; prisoner
Downloads: 15
[audio]Fusion Patrol - 127 - The Prisoner - The Schizoid Man - Lone Locust Productions
Is he black?  Is he white?  Is #12 twice the man that #6 is or will he be diminished?This week, Simon and Eugene contemplate what happens when there’s 2×6 in the Village in the Schizoid Man.
Keywords: podcast; prisoner
Downloads: 1
[audio]IUMA: Poetic Prisoner
i've only jus started on my vocals,so if they sound really bad u kno why,but i've been writeing lyric's for 2 yrs u can peep them at www.tupac.com.. i come frome NY where i first started to get into rapping..and Tupac was like a roll model to me he is tha greatest rap artist of all time remember that. am out ONE! T.I.P Tupac amaru Shakur T.I.P Erick Wright A.K.A. Easy mouthafuckin E and Rest In Peace 2 1 of my best friends Ericka i'll b up there with ya some day!
Keywords: Poetic Prisoner
Downloads: 14
[audio]Fusion Patrol - 124 - The Prisoner - Free For All - Lone Locust Productions
Democratic elections in the Village?!  Can this be true?  Join Simon and Eugene as they look at the Prisoner’s take on democracy.
Keywords: podcast; prisoner
Downloads: 4
[audio]First Dioanetti
First Dioanetti Prisoner grief
Keywords: Prisoner grief
Downloads: 22
[texts]Voices.Con Newsletter October 2013 - www.VoicesDotCon.org
Highlights: Prisons under federal court order to reduce prison populations opt for creating additional cells at a cost of $730 million; our perspective can change everything; a 15-year deferred parole may be reversible; and CA passes new law that's good news for youthful offenders.
Keywords: Life Prisoner
Downloads: 17 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Voices.Con Audio February 2013 - www.VoicesDotCon.org
Highlights: Questions answered regarding best choices for spending your money in preparing for and follow up of a parole hearing.
Keywords: Life Prisoner
Downloads: 6
[audio]Fusion Patrol 119 - The Prisoner - A. B. & C. - Lone Locust Productions
Can the Village steal #6′s very dreams and force him to give himself away?  Find out as Simon and Eugene discuss the Prisoner episode, A. B. & C.
Keywords: podcast; prisoner
Downloads: 7
[texts]Voices.Con Newletter May 2014 - www.VoicesDotCon.org - VoicesDotCon.org
Highlights: The courts granted CA two additional years to comply with prison population cap in return for promised $315 million fix; SB1363 could bring some much needed improvements to parole procedures; a solid belief system is fundamental; and DA parole opposition.
Keywords: Life Prisoner
Downloads: 3
[movies]اصدار جديد للجندي الأمريكي - مؤسسة الإمارة
الإصدار الجديد للجندي الأمريكي يقدمه موقع الإمارة وموقع مجلة الصمود الإسلامية http:// http://www.alsomod.org http://www.alemarah.info
Keywords: war prisoner
Downloads: 402
[audio]Fusion Patrol - 110 - The Prisoner - Arrival - Lone Locust Productions
Eugene and guest host Simon delve into the paranoid world of a man who has no name, only a number.We start a new series this week with the classic British series, the Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan as #6.
Keywords: podcast; prisoner
Downloads: 42
[audio]Freedom of Speech: Political Prisoners - Naji Mujahid
This show, Freedom of Speech, airs on WPFW-Pacifica 89.3fm (wpwfw.org) in Washington, DC Tuesday-Thursday from 3 to 4pm. On March 1, 2012, the show was hosted by Naji Mujahid and focused on political prisoners in the United States. Naji Mujahid is a programmer at WPFW and co-produces the show, Voices with Vision, that airs every Tuesday at 11am. The show focused on two political prisoners in particular, Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H...
Keywords: political prisoner
Downloads: 61
[texts]Voices.Con Newsletter November 2013 - www.VoicesDotCon.org
Highlights: How state interests play the media while skirting the realities of a court ordered population reduction; more delays in the Plata case; keeping hindsight in perspective; and why parole boards seemingly subvert every effort toward reform.
Keywords: Life Prisoner
Downloads: 23
[audio]Fusion Patrol - 129 - The Prisoner - The General - Lone Locust Productions
What happens when education fever marches into the village to the the General’s beat and sweeps the Village?  Can #6 save them from universal education?
Keywords: podcast; prisoner
Downloads: 1
[audio]Sex Prisoner - Demo
Demo tape
Keywords: Sex Prisoner
Downloads: 20
[texts]Voices.Con Parole Law Document 2013 - www.VoicesDotCon.org
Voices.Con Parole Law Document 2013
Keywords: Life Prisoner
Downloads: 16
[movies]stalker - david elliott
tiger stalks the tourists that watch him
Keywords: tiger; zoo; prisoner; tourist
Downloads: 122
[audio]East Meets West 183 - Why must we fight? - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Tom and Roger have differing opinions about why the country seems so divided over politics. They also have differing opinions about the Prisoner remake. Which is more important? You decide!
Keywords: politics; TV; movies; prisoner
Downloads: 9,195
[audio]Fusion Patrol -134 - The Prisoner - Many Happy Returns - Lone Locust Productions
It’s Number 6′s birthday, but no one has come to the party!  Find out what happens as Simon and Eugene review The Prisoner episode, Many Happy Returns.
Keywords: podcast; The Prisoner
[audio]Conspiracy Tour 2010: Grand Jury Resistance Training - Sethray
Short history of how grand jurys have been used to suppress dissent in U.S. activist communities and how grand jurys work. Former grand jury resistor and prisoner, Carie Feldman, gives first hand testimony of her recent imprisonment because of an investigation into a 2004 ALF action at the University of Iowa. 55 minute clip, not time sensitive, no profanity, recorded on July 30, 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA
Keywords: State repression; political prisoner
Downloads: 74
[audio]Excellencies prisoner
Abu Siham
Keywords: Excellencies prisoner; Abu Siham
Downloads: 30
[audio]sojournertruthradio 072611 Prison Strike Segment
What was won in the California Prisoners Strike.
Keywords: Prisoner strike; Pelican Bay
Downloads: 9
[audio]Mass Incarceration in the Margins - Women, Trans & the Prison Industrial Complex - dan v
March 8th, 2012 FORUM & DISCUSSION Mass Incarceration in the Margins Women, Trans & the Prison Industrial Complex Tanisha Douglas, Sonni Farrow, Victoria Law, Tina Reynolds & Laura Whitehorn Many statistics and conversations alike about prisons, seem to present a uniform image of prison populations. If one were to believe the contrived image created by our contemporary culture about prisons, through television shows and corporate media, it would seem as if all prisoners were unremorseful, violen...
Keywords: prisons; prisoner; incarceration
Downloads: 26
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.prisoner from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.prisoner", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.prisoner.rights
Downloads: 3
[movies]Visit to Bosnian Jail
Visit to Bosnian Jail Short movie clip about visit to Mirsad Bektašević, alias Maximus, a Swedish citizen of Bosniak descent. Bektašević was arrested in Sarajevo (2005) & charged with planning a attack against an unnamed target... He was convicted in 2007 alongside three other men and sentenced to 15 years and 4 months of imprisonment. In 2007. his sentence was reduced to eight years and four months...
Keywords: Bosnia, Islam, Prisoner
Downloads: 307
[movies]prisoners-taliban - شبكة الجهاد العالمي http://www.shabakataljahad.com/vb
swap of prisoner between Taliban & USA
Keywords: prisoner; Taliban; USA
Downloads: 16,049
Keywords: Appeal Of The German Prisoner
Downloads: 14
[audio]Free Eddie Rally - The Baltimore Indypendent Reader
Auditory Documentary from the "Free Eddie Conway" Rally. April 2011 Baltimore, MD
Keywords: Eddie; Conway; rally; political; prisoner
Downloads: 49
[audio]Number 6 - Brian Vincent May
Keywords: The Prisoner; Churchill; number 6
Downloads: 35
[audio]Paul’s Challenge To Church - Inglewood Community Church
Sunday February 3rd, 2013 Paul's Challenge to the Church Pastor Troy Vaughn starts a new series based on the teachings of Ephesians. "I therefore, the prisoner in the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called"
Keywords: prisoner; worthy; beseech; strength; walk
Downloads: 27
[audio]sojournertruthradio07/21/11 NAACP Convention Segement
And within the context of the California Prisoners Strike, and the promise of drastic cuts in entitlements and services disproportionately impacting communities of color, the NAACP comes to Los Angeles for its national convention. We speak with Leon Russell, Vice Chair of the NAACP Board of Directors.
Keywords: California Prisoner strike; NAACP Convention
Downloads: 9
[audio]FBI Entrapment Railroad
FBI Entrapment Railroad by Sacramento Prisoner Support This workshop will explore how entrapment has become an increasingly popular strategy of the state for targeting anarchists, environmentalists and other political activists. Examples will include the cases of Eric McDavid, the Cleveland 4, the Texas 2 and more. Importance will be placed on identifying points of intervention and possible ways to strengthen our communities and our resistance...
Keywords: FBI; entrapment; sacramento prisoner support
Downloads: 6
[audio]R5 Central - 2007 Promo 2: "We Want Information..." - Mike Dent
Second promo of the new year ^_^
Keywords: anime; the prisoner; comedy; podcast
Downloads: 163
[unknown]Usenet groups within prisoner.rights from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "prisoner.rights", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: prisoner.rights.alt.thebird.copwatch
Downloads: 22
[texts]Voices Dot Con 7 2014
The Voices.Con newsletter is written exclusively by term-to life prisoners, unless otherwise noted, focusing on issues of primary concern to those serving a long-term incarceration. Source http://www.voicesdotcon.org
Keywords: lifer term to life prisoner
Downloads: 1
[audio]Prisoner of Zenda, The by Anthony Hope - LibriVox
iTunes audiobook (m4b) version of a LibriVox solo recording of The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope, read by Andy Minter
Keywords: Hope; Zenda; Prisoner; Audiobook; iTunes
Downloads: 34
[texts]Kashif Ansari
Kashif Ansari apne aseeri ki daastan bayan ker rahay hain...aur humain rasool e khuda sallallahu alahi wasallam ka farmaan 'fukkul 3aani' yaad dila rahay hain. 'qaidee ko churaoo'(bukhari)
Keywords: urdu; kashif ansari; guantanamo; prisoner
Downloads: 635
[audio]Daily Digest – 06/22/07 - Sonali Kolhatkar and Gabriel San Roman
Uprising Daily Program recorded at KPFK, Pacifica Radio, LA
Keywords: The Prisoner; Semper Fi; Jeff Key
Downloads: 107
[audio]How a prisoner of my heart
How a prisoner of my heart
Keywords: How a prisoner of my heart
Downloads: 11
[audio]George's Pocketbook (Page 42 - Best Defence) - George Saint
In this crazy world where it is perceived that the bad guys get more rights than some victims,George is always at his happiest when he feels he's got 'one over' on a defence solicitor. Like most police officers who interview their own prisoners he views the defence brief as a necessary evil. Given that the UK Criminal Justice System is deemed as one of the fairest in the world and a model that even the US built theirs on, he accepts them for what they are.
Keywords: Geroge; Pocketbook; Police; Defence; Lawyer; Prisoner
Downloads: 281
[audio]Prisoner Exchange at Bannon's Lookout ( 2006 ) - Gruesome Hertzogg Horror Movie Review
Prisoner Exchange at Bannon's Lookout ( 2006 )
Keywords: Prisoner Exchange at Bannon's Lookout ( 2006 )
Downloads: 14
[audio]Prisoner of a dream - Giovanni Ferranti
a metal song from "Life is fading into black" demo cd by Neurotomy. Visit http://neurotomy.gyofer.com for further informations.
Keywords: neurotomy; heavy; metal; gothic; prisoner; dream
Downloads: 124
[audio]Paul in Rome, pt. 1 (Acts 28:11-22) - Joshua David Meier
In exposition of Acts 28:11-22
Keywords: Paul in Rome; prisoner; Puteoli; chain
Downloads: 11
[image]Robert Rasch WW 2 Casualty
Uncle Robert's picture
Keywords: WW 2 prisoner of war rasch robert
Downloads: 10
[audio]Ephesians 3:1-6 - Berean Baptist Church
Pastor Eric Cuenin continues his verse by verse study through the Book of Ephesians.
Keywords: Jews; Gentiles; Jesus Christ; Savior; Prisoner
Downloads: 6
[audio]International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier - dan v
International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier 4 February 2012 Riverside Church NYC A fund-raising day of solidarity with Native American political prisoner and prisoner of war Leonard Peltier. . Speaker, Luis Rosa Perez, in the past was in prison with Leonard. Performances by Frank Menusan (Native American flute), the Coatlicue Theater Company, the Red Storm Drum and Dance Troupe, and others...
Keywords: AIM; American Indian; political prisoner; pine ridge
Downloads: 51
[audio]Prisoner Episode 1 Ac - mike rogers
This is the spannermans second audio commentary, and this time i chose one of my favourite programs from the 1960's "the Prisoner". i hope you enjoy as i talk you through the first episode of his fantastic series. "Arrival". this is the PAL dvd version
Keywords: audio commentary; dvd commentary; the prisoner
Downloads: 41
[movies]Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange : CSPAN : June 22, 2014 1:48pm-4:03pm EDT
Testimonies on the U.S.-Taliban prisoner exchange.
Keywords: Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange; Television Program
Downloads: 2
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